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Fundamental Analysis

The primary method of screening for individual equity/debt issues and exchange traded funds (ETF's) is a filtering process which considers the broad economy of a country, industries within the economy, and ultimately individual companies that meet financial and growth criteria. The overall economic forecasts are considered before an investment is made. If viewed positively, the industry is considered by sector, which ultimately filters to individual equity/debt issues for inclusion or exclusion in a portfolio. Fundamental Analysis involves the review of financial statements, financial ratios and other public information that might have a bearing on a particular companies growth prospects. To a much lesser extent, Technical Analysis is employed.  Technical Analysis looks at historic patterns and established patterns that tend to repeat, in an attempt to predict future price movements of a security. 



Cost considerations

Ramsdell Capital is committed to minimization of all costs. Investment returns are affected and reduced by any and all costs associated with the management of an account. To this end, exchange traded funds (ETFs) are preferred over mutual funds for diversification tools, and individual equity issues supplement the indexed ETFs in proportion to suitability and objectives for a given managed account. Trading costs are the lowest practical, in our search for best execution. Finally, our advisory fee is based on a flat percentage of assets, as opposed to a tiered structure used by many firms.